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Pixart specializes in custom web portal design and development! We will help you to launch your new business idea with your own web portal.

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What are web portals?

A well designed portal can be a very powerful tool to draw a large group of people bound by a common interest.  What are web portals? Think Facebook, Yahoo. Web portals, unlike a conventional website are your gateways to the World Wide Web – usually an immense and multi-faceted anchor point to the internet that can include search functions, news information, financial market updates, community forums, chat pages, quizzes and personal email amongst its various user functions. Yes, all that fun-filled stuff!

Yahoo, AOL, MSN and Facebook are just some of these ginormous public web portals that are constantly buzzing with large amounts of traffic. Their attractive and user-friendly interfaces, up-to-date news information and personalisation give users an excellent jumping-board to the World Wide Web. MyYahoo, iGoogle, myAOL even allow visitors to personalise their website content and favourite features, including stock prices, RSS, news feeds, comics, weather, TV listings etc. An apt description of a web portal would be that it’s a little internet on its own.

Benefits of a Portal

Customisation – Portals can be custom designed  from scratch to meet your requirements and needs, as well as those of your end-users
Security – Multiple-level user access, data encryption, personalised information security measures ensure that the company information is always under lock & key
Communication – Emails, personal messaging, forums, discussion groups & boards and blogs are amongst many means of interacting with one another
User-friendliness – Enhance usability with registration, special membership features, accessibility and profiles
E-commerce – Shopping cart, product catalogues, wish-lists, inventory management and payment features that enhance conversion.



Our Approach

Pixart was responsible for developing the National University of Singapore Graduate Club (NUSS) portal; an exclusive club offering facilities and networking opportunities catering to the needs of graduates. The portal includes an extensive content management system (CMS) for editable content, photo gallery, calender feature and email notifications. The site also features membership and separate admin log-ins for the several thousand strong members of the club. A mass email application that allows mass customization of the email feature. Also included is an online form generator and online voting facility. To enhance user experience, the website includes security features, easy navigation and content presentation, as well as social media integration.

The public is more familiar with bad design than good design. It is, in effect, conditioned to prefer bad design, because that is what it lives with. The new becomes threatening, the old reassuring.

Paul Rand, graphic designer