Project Management System


Customized project management system for managing simple or complex projects online effortless, with 70% cost supported by EDG grant.

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Project Management System

Pixart’s customized HR Management System (HRMS) automates the functions of the Human Resource department into one integrated system. Attendance taking, payroll, leave credits, as well employee to employee communication can all be accessed with this application.


  • Centralized database and information of all the employees
  • Eliminates manual work by automating the attendance and payroll computation
  • Real time access of information
  • Ease of communication between HR and employees

Common Uses

Payroll: Automation of Salary, remove the trouble of making transfers manually and creating errors.
Time and attendance: Keep track of your employees attendance especially if your are running a labour intensive business.
Performance appraisal: Creating forms to evaluate your employees
Benefits administration: Keeping track of benefits, such as medical claims and leaves and more
HR management information system: Keeping track of contacts, records, salary, & many more.
Recruiting/Learning management: Posting training and/or mass email all your training/learning, and get online registration for ease of broadcasting & response.
Performance record: Keeping track of your employees task and time they take to complete task. All these records will keep track of how your employee is performing and be ready for evaluation of increasing productivity.



Employee self-service: Say no to paper work! Not only you will save trees but it will be so much easier to file and approve/reject leaves, claims & more, by using an online system you can get different types of notifications and approve them easily!
Scheduling: Scheduling can be hectic & tedious. With HRMs scheduling is easy and seamless.
Absence Management : Scheduling with absence and finding a replacement is hard. With HRM, scheduling will be simple, with auto-allocation to check if there are people who are available for replacements. HRMs can also process leave of absence in different cases like medical certification and any reason of absence, by attaching documents and/or providing reasons
Analytics: HRMs has many analytical tools some of which are, analysing usage of intranet per user, how many employees subscribe for training, tracking leave taken, who are the late comers etc.

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