Cactus Art

Cactus Art is a premium design and build company, who specializes in providing customized and comprehensive interior design and renovation services for local clients. We designed their latest corporate website

Netball Rules

This is an online application we developed for Netball Singapore for people to complete netball rules test online!

Home Check

Home Check is a local employment agency. We developed an mobile app for them and also created this microsite to showcase their mobile app.


Pergas is a non-governmental organization that envisions the development of Muslim community through credible leadership of Ulama and Asatizah. We designed and developed their intranet for their internal applications and

Jforce Maid Employment Agency

Jforce is the leading Indonesian maid agency and Myanmar maid agency in Singapore. They are providing reliable Indonesian Maid, Myanmar Maid, transfer maid, elderly care maid, child care maid, and

Ding Zhou

Ding Zhou Group was originally established in China. In the last decade, It has completed different real estate projects in Singapore, China, Australia and Cambodia, with various products like Residential,

Inga World Lines

INGA World is local logistics company. We designed this microsite for them.