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A list of major customized projects to showcase our range and capability.
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Foreign Worker Accommodation
Reporting Mobile App & Online System

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Real-time reporting with GPS verification
Complete accommodation report in 5 mins with an Mobile App.
A customized bilingual mobile app for foreign workers to make a report of their accommodation conditions. Users can login the APP with given password and their FIN number. After a GPS verification of their residential address, they have 5 mins to fill in the information and take photos of their living environment according to the instruction given by the app. By clicking the submit button, all data will be sent to the online system to form an report.
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Online Report Approval & Generation
Complete all paper work online for employers
Employer or HR can review the reports from the customized online system which receives the data from the mobile app. The approved reports can be automatically generated to a formatted PDF file, which is already in a condition to submit to MOM.
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Online Subscription & Self Service
Hassle-free for system owner
Employers can directly register an account and purchase subscription of reports for their foreign workers online. Almost zero admin job for the system owner to manage sales and accounts.
If you can’t describe what you are doing as a process, you don’t know what you’re doing.
W. Edwards Deming


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Domestic Helper Agency
Management & HR Portal

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All-in-One Helper & Employer Data Management
Streamlined Data Solutions for the Agency
The system streamlines Maid Data, linking profiles and efficiently handling Employer details.
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Customized Accounting for Sales Cases
Efficient Financial Automation for Maid Agency Operations
Features like automating cost structures, documents generation and efficiently managing employer and maid-related financial transactions. The system ensures accuracy, streamlining the overall process for enhanced efficiency.
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Sales Management & Reporting
Quick Overview of Sales Performance
Tailored sales tools for sales monitoring and tracking. Provide a gauge of sales trends and the overall performance of each sales personnel.
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HR Management System
Simplify HR Tasks with Leave and Payroll Management
Enhance the Agency efficiency with the Leave & Payroll Management features, offering a streamlined approach to handle leave requests and payroll processing.
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Small differences in your system can lead to large differences in your results.
Brian Tracy
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Smart Hotel & Spa
Booking System

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Smart Spa & Room Booking
Maximize the use of spa rooms with complicated logic
The booking system can deal with scenarios of hotel room booking along with one or more spa sessions, as well as non-hotel guests coming for spa only. All guests will be automatically arranged to the most suitable spa room according to their group size, gender and package they chose. The system makes sure a maximan number of booking based on the spa rooms available and at the same time a restriction of over booking or double booking.
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Smart Pricing System
Easily adjustable for special days and future.
The system allows hotel admin to set different rate for public holidays and holiday eves, and plan rates for the future months or even years.
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Spa Room Management
A clear view of how each spa room been occupied
With this system, admin will be have a clear view of all spa bookings for each time slot and each day. A room swap function is also provided to ease the manual adjustment of existing spa bookings.
Systems are not sexy – but they really DO drive everything we do!
Carrie Wilkerson



Customized CRM System for
an Events Services Company

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Leads Management
Qualify, analyze, and nurture leads easily.
Automation features enable you to quickly gather data, log phone calls and meetings, and send personalized email campaigns very easily.
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Email Blasting
Fast, safe and hassle free
The blasting system is able to create different pools by the leads’ position, industry, religion, nationality and more for different campaigns. More than 5 EDM templates to choose from. Integrated with SMTP2GO’s mail server for a fast, safe and hassle free delivery.
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Event Management
One stop solution
From campaign, confirmation, invoicing, attendance marking, survey, evaluation to certification, the system takes care of all necessary paper work for the event.
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Eighty-five percent of the reasons for failure are deficiencies in the systems and process rather than the employee. The role of management is to change the process rather than badgering individuals to do better.
W. Edwards Deming
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Get all the advantages

Customized Staff Portal for
an Islamic Scholars &
Religious Teachers Association

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Full Functions Staff / Admin Dashboard
Online applications with multi-level approval
Staff dashboard gives them a clear view of their leave, attendance and payroll records, short cuts for their leave, claim and course applications, and the status of their past applications.

Admin dashboard gives them notifications of pending applications, overview of staff information, leave records, and option to approve applications or forward the application to a higher level admin to complete the multi-level approval.

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Attendance Tracking System Integration
Customized API to fetch data from the third party system
Whenever the third party attendance tracking device receives a new data, it will forward the data to the staff portal via an API written by us. The attendance data will be restored according to the portal’s logic and able to be downloaded in the form of excel files.
Anything that can be measured can be improved
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