Inventory Management System (IMS)


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Inventory Management System (IMS)

Improve and automate your stock keeping system with Inventory Management System. With this, you can monitor your inventory real-time, thus avoiding stock shortage and excess. Inventory reports and notifications on stock movements and status are just some of the features of this system. It can also be integrated with an existing accounting or POS system. Customized IMS for greater efficiency and convenience will play a huge part of your day to day business.


Advantages of IMS:

  • Real time inventory monitoring
  • Efficient and automated
  • You can track inventory levels by setting a parameter for
    overstock and outages
  • You can track customers’ orders
  • It will minimize lost sales by having enough stock to meet demand

How Can I Use IMS?

Order management
Used to keep track of threshold when stocks are low and, used to automatically order or to provide warning that stock level.
Asset tracking
Provide the ability to track assets be it in warehouse, store or even “lost”. A barcode reader will keep track of the items going “In”, “Out”, “Lost” or “sold”. Equipments like barcode scanner is needed to keep track of items.
Service management
This system can also keep track of cost in a service provider. For example compilation cost of supplies is used to manage budgets.



Product identification
Barcodes are often the means of identifying items within a warehouse or store. Without these there are bound to be human errors, leading to records not being able to tally.
Inventory optimization
Able to produce forecasting on re-ordering stock:
• Reorder point: This will be the threshold to know when order is needed.
• Order quantity: How much is needed to be ordered to restock and manage them wisely, by not over ordering.
• Lead demand: The number of stock that will be sold while reordering, to manage threshold
• Stock cover: the number of days before stock is finished
• Accuracy: the expected accuracy of the forecasts

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