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Pixart delivers reliable e-Commerce website design and development for Singapore and overseas companies at affordable prices with full support and maintenance.

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Achieve results in a short span of time

To cater to the specific needs of your online business, Pixart’s e-commerce design services help our clients’ achieve measureable results in a short span of time. You don’t have to break the bank to start selling online; instead our services allow you to tap into an international market with a well-designed and maintained shop front through easy-to-use and intuitive systems.


The benefits to be reaped from e-commerce are manifold, and can greatly boost your online business. A well-organized and intuitive shopping cart makes the online purchase of products more convenient and easier, and contributes to a speedier checkout. Here at Pixart, we believe we have mastered the singular art of creating a business online that generates revenue, traffic, conversion, and loyalty with our experienced E-Commerce developer in Singapore.

Every business has a different clientele to reach out to. Fortunately the versatility of our team has helped promote and sell products online for a variety of businesses from various industries. Check out some of our e-commerce sites here.



E-commerce Solutions

  • Custom Shopping Cart – An effectively catered shopping cart can decrease abandonment rate far below industry levels
  • Unique Shopping Experience – Customers will be able to gain access to your product line 24/7, which makes for convenient browsing and purchasing of products online
  • Privacy and Security  – Visitors to your e-commerce site will also have a peace of mind knowing that their personal details are well protected
  • Integrated platforms –  Integrate popular social media platforms such as  Facebook  & Twitter to increase brand awareness and sales leads
  • Custom Solutions – Most businesses have different technical requirements that hamper the use of conventional E-commerce solutions available. We’ll deliver specifically programmed applications that are specific to your requirements and needs.

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Design adds value faster than it adds costs.

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