Corporate Website Design


Pixart has developed hundreds of corporate websites since 2008 and is now a leading corporate website design company in Singapore.

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Corporate Website Design

Considering the significance of corporate website design to a business’s brand, it is imperative that a corporate’s site embody its vision and values.

For corporate world, website design matters — a lot. Recent research found 50% of consumers mentioned that corporate website design is crucial to a business’s overall brand. In fact, users assess a company’s credibility based on its website — with 75% of the credibility judgement coming from design. So more than just ‘going online’, having a website that optimizes user experience is something else entirely.

Websites are where first impressions are made, and it only takes seconds for visitors to form an opinion about your company. A professionally designed corporate website with responsive functionality and user-friendly navigation elevates your brand and guarantees to capture your audience’s attention. Your site should be a living platform that keeps your audience up-to-date with the latest from your company while also being a powerful marketing tool.

We transform your vision into a compelling corporate website page, establishing the online presence your business needs. We communicate your narrative into a visually engaging website that incorporates interactive features, responsiveness as well as streamlined navigation according to requirements. Nothing is too trivial for us — a blog, a chatroom, an events calendar, a site search and much more!


We provide end-to-end service to get your website launched for your business to thrive. We’ll give you a great experience so your clients see the best of you.

  • One-Stop Solution; including copywriting, designing and programming
  • Bespoke Design, customised in-house to suit your business
  • Content Optimization boosting optimized structure and compelling copy with in-depth consultations to redefine your business
  • Well-Qualified with over 400+ corporate websites completed & 13 years of digital excellence
  • Enterprise Grade CMS with access to open source technology from WordPress, Drupal, Webflow and many more!
  • After Sales Care: Training Provided & easily accessible technical support



Key Features of Our Web Design

Fast Loading
High-performing hosting, browser caching, files optimization, clearance of unnecessary plugins, and more — we ensure fast loading speed for a seamless user experience.

Customized Design
Establish your credibility with unique designs, which are up-to-date with the latest trends in web design. Every page and section is custom-built to embody your corporation.

Screen Responsive
No matter the gadget i.e. desktop, tablet or mobile, it is imperative that your web pages render well on different screen sizes and resolutions of all major browsers and devices, while assuring their usability.

Full CMS + What You See What You Get Page Builder
Manage your website easily with editable text and images at your fingertips. Trendy page builders are available for What You See What You Get page editing experiences.

Online Forms, Chatbots, Search Function, Data Analyzing and More
Empower your website with powerful capabilities, enabling suitable functional plugins with useful features to enhance customer support.

SEO Friendliness
Fully accessibility and indexablility by search engine crawlers, establishing a good understanding of its structure and content from each of the site components.

Our Featured Projects

Ideas that we turned into reality

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Design is intelligence made visible.

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