Corporate Website Design


Pixart has developed hundreds of corporate websites since 2008 and is now a leading corporate website design company in Singapore.

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Corporate Website Design

With a greater reliance on the web, companies now are generally expected to have an online presence in the form of a website as a requisite communication tool. With most people now taking to the internet for information, the website is essentially the ‘face’ of your business given to an international audience and one that potentially has the power to generate income as well.
At Pixart, our website design and development services specialises at providing visitors to your website a seamless experience. Keeping in mind effortless navigation, usability, readability, user-interactivity and compelling designs, we ensure your website doesn’t simply serve an aesthetic purpose but fulfils your communication goals.
Having designed and revamped websites for a spectrum of businesses including NGOs, and SMEs, we understand what it takes to make an impression in cyberspace.
So, why not bring your website and business to another level by effective planning, designing and implementation of your website with a team of professionals in Singapore?

Dynamic Web Development

Whether you would prefer your site to exude professionalism, be warm and welcoming, or even light and minimalistic, dynamic sites accentuate these values of a website. Dynamic web development has the ability to enhance the aesthetic appeal as well as improve its interactivity. In fact, as you peruse through the internet you’ll find that most sites have integrated some dynamic elements within.



Key Benefits of Dynamic Websites

  • Adds functionality to your pages with only a small amount of coding experience or knowledge.
  • Tasks such as quoting, estimating and presenting information can be done effectively through such a site
  • Easy to add and manage contents, information, photos, and videos without professional help
  • Saves web management time

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