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Content Management Systems (CMS)

Simply put, CMS is a web Content Management System or web application that is designed to help website owners manage and control a large amount of text content and images on their websites with little or no prior technical know-how
As a busy business owner, keeping your website content pertinent can be a daunting task. A well designed Content Management System can be the best tool you will need to update and publish web content onto your website without having to engage a professional development agency and enjoy substantial savings in cost, time and effort.

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Examples of CMS Implementations

  • Media/ Press Releases
  • Latest Product/ Service Offer Promotions
  • Portfolio/ Gallery Content Management (for showcasing of completed projects or upcoming projects)
  • Products Specifications Download Library (with optional download tracking feature)
  • Multi-level security access for different management groups
  • Content searching capabilities across text, images, compressed files etc.
  • Multiple levels of content categorization and management
  • Restricting content management access to specific user group(s)
  • Content transformation and import to Content Management System before launching website
  • And more….



Benefits of Content Management Systems (CMS)

  • Virtually no cost in maintaining an updated website
  • Increase user interactivity and satisfaction with fresh, updated content
  • Increased business productivity- you no longer need to work with your IT department or vendor
  • Enhanced user experience with website content searching capabilities embedded in CMS
  • No limit to content you wish to edit or add
  • No technical know-how to manage CMS

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